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Bonded AreasIs there any time limit for the storage and release of the bonded warehouse goods?2020-12-01
Export、ImportWhat are the procedures for right holders to apply for trademark protection to Taiwan Customs?2020-06-18
Import、Offsetting or Refund of Duties and TaxesSurplus proceeds of the sale of declaration-overdue or duty-overdue goods are to be returned to the duty payers according to the Customs Laws. What then are the documents required to apply for refund?2020-06-16
Advance Cargo Information SystemHow is the arrival time of the sea vessel be determined?2020-06-16
Advance Cargo Information SystemWhat is the qualification of the declaration of T6 and T7 transshipment ?2020-06-16
Advance Cargo Information SystemWhen there is only one discharging place in a customs area , how to declare the goods of the Export Processing Zone in the CFS container?2020-06-16
Advance Cargo Information SystemWhat is the deadline for correcting the sea manifest?2020-06-16
Transshipment and Transited GoodsTransit Cargo Clearance2020-06-16
Offsetting or Refund of Duties and TaxesWhat is the time limit for duty-offset of imported materials for export products?2020-06-16
ImportWhat is the clearance procedure for the declaration with Carnet?2020-06-16
Offsetting or Refund of Duties and TaxesHow to apply for refund by fax?2020-06-16
ImportWhat is the procedure to resolve disputes over duty?2020-06-16
ImportHow do I make a customs declaration for products which belongs to the list of ECFA Early Harvest?2020-06-16
Export、ImportIf a mistake in the currency declared on a C1 entry was found by the customs broker after the release of the goods, is it allowed to apply an amendment without being penalized?2020-06-16
ImportWhat are Customs regulations on withdrawing samples?2020-06-16
ImportI have a shipment of machines which have been released upon payment of import duties. Now, the Certificate that this product is not manufactured locally issued by Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, has been acquired, how should I apply for the tax refund? In addition to the import duty, may I also apply for the business tax refund? 2020-06-16
Transshipment and Transited GoodsThe transshipment cargo shall be returned within deadline.2020-06-16
Express CargoIs a Power of Attorney necessary for express consignment clearance?2020-06-16
Express CargoWhat is “Simplified Declaration”? Is there any restriction for it?2020-06-16
Express CargoWhat are the categorizations of express consignments?2020-06-16
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